[Webinar Recording]: Customer Education Meets Customer Success

Took place on Wednesday, February 21 • 10 AM PT

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Are you responsible for training your customers or prospects? If so, you probably work with both Salesforce.com and your LMS daily – yet separately. Wouldn’t it be great if these systems were seamlessly connected so you could share relevant data, automate key tasks, track learning interactions and measure progress along with other customer success metrics? 

In this dynamic one-hour session you’ll learn:

  • What the Salesforce platform is and why it is vital to so many organizations
  • What Salesforce-LMS “integration” means 
  • How to decide if you should use Salesforce-approved apps 
  • Top ways to apply Salesforce-LMS integrations 
  • How to prove customer learning success from your integration efforts

Throughout the session, we’ll illustrate key concepts with real-world examples that you can adapt for your own customer learning programs.