Value-based Customer Onboarding: How education can drive long term success

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Panelists: Melanie Gallo, Zenefits, Isabel Swartz, ClearCompany, Randon Ruggles, Jamf, and Arnold Murray, Cisco Systems

In this panel discussion from Skilljar Connect 2019, moderated by Skilljar’s Product Marketing Manager, Linda Schwaber-Cohen, the panelists discussed various facets of their onboarding programs, including best practices and the evolution of their companies’ programs.

Topics discussed in detail include:

  • The teams are involved in customer onboarding and how responsibilities are delineated between them
  • Audience segmentation and designing an onboarding program that can be tailored for different audiences 
  • Monetization models for customer onboarding, including benefits and drawbacks
  • Measuring the success of a customer onboarding program

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