Skilljar Strategic Insights

Now you can look at industry benchmark data and compare it to your own program metrics to better guide, improve or enhance your external training efforts!


How does your program’s performance compare to other learning programs?


Now you can answer this important question directly within the Skilljar platform.


Strategic Insights enables Skilljar customers to directly compare their learning program performance to the aggregated performance of industry peers for three key metrics — completion rates, enrollments per learner, and session time per learner.

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How does it work?


Skilljar customers can find the Strategic Insights page directly in their Skilljar dashboard. (Strategic Insights is only available to Skilljar customers)


Skilljar customers can compare their organization’s training data against other Skilljar customers and industry trends. You can also use Strategic Insights to compare your current metrics against your own previous data over the last 12 month period.


These metrics provide valuable insight into training performance that can be used for reporting, as well as to improve your training curriculum. Comparing your training against your peers can lead to smarter key performance indicators and show your leadership where your program is compared to the industry.

Resources to get started

Check out these valuable resources to take full advantage of Strategic Insights, exclusively available to Skilljar customers.


Strategic Insights User Guide

Learn more about getting started using Strategic Insights, learn best practices, and how to best read and understand your metrics.



Skilljar Academy

Take our guided course through Strategic Insights, as well as find additional resources to help you get most out of the tool.


Use Education to scale customer success

Want Access to Skilljar and the new Strategic Insights feature?

checkmark Create a best-in-class education program
Powered by evidence-based benchmarks, you will be able to compare your program with others like yours and identify performance gaps, opportunities, or prioritize elements of your training.
checkmark Drive product adoption
Empower customers to understand the value of your product and master using it. Integrate your Skilljar data with Gainsight to tie customer training to product adoption success.
checkmark Scale Customer Success team
Enable your CS team to focus on strategic initiatives by alleviating 1:1 onboarding. Leverage training and on-demand resources to reduce support tickets and costs.
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Consistent, predictable onboarding and training models mean happier, healthier customers! Improve retention and reduce churn with an external LMS like Skilljar.