Whether it’s checking out at the grocery store or in their Customer Education program, it’s no secret that today’s customers often seek out self-service options. Self-service options enable students to engage with training on their terms - at a time, location, and pace that works best for them. 

For recruitment marketing company, SmashFly, training related to the company’s product and industry are crucial for driving customer success and retention. In this webinar, SmashFly’s Vice President, Customer Success, Chrissy Irvine, and Hannah Leary, SmashFly’s Customer Success Operations Specialist, share how their team created a world-class training program that blends self-service and instructor-led training. 

Watch now to learn:

  • How and when to blend on-demand and instructor-led training 
  • Smashfly’s phased approach to expanding their Customer Education offerings
  • Why customer success and scaled education programs go hand-in-hand

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Chrissy Irvine

Vice President, Customer Success


Hannah Leary

Customer Success Operations Specialist