The pandemic called for employers of all stripes to think fast and act faster if they wanted to survive in a changing environment. And that includes the way we hire virtual employees. 

Handshake, a leading Ed Tech platform, uses software to bridge the opportunity gap for students seeking jobs across the country. Handshake rapidly pivoted operations to provide a next-generation engagement experience for schools, students, and employers at a time when in-person job interviews were no longer possible. However, just creating an alternative to face-to-face communications wasn’t enough. They needed a way to ensure customers took advantage of their new solution and ramp up quickly. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get customers up to speed quickly when you introduce new innovations or solutions
  • Support the rollout of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to ensure maximum success
  • Use badging and online certifications to ramp up staff quickly in a virtual

Have you ever had to pivot operations quickly, whether in times of crisis or otherwise? Learn how to make the process work for everyone to ensure a fast, efficient rollout when times call for rapid change.

Tiffany Taylor
Tiffany spent 12 years in Higher Education working in Student Affairs and now serves as the Training & Education Manager at Handshake. She has worked intimately with curriculum development, even teaching her own courses, and is always seeking new avenues of learning. Her pivot into EdTech was a way to expand her reach in working toward access for ALL students by connecting with students beyond a singular institution. At Handshake, she is able to continue her "student first" approach by enabling customers to optimize their use of the platform as they work to help students find jobs. Connect with Tiffany on LinkedIn here.

Moderated by: Michael Freeman - VP Marketing, Skilljar