Customer Education (CE) is a key component of Customer Success, as it helps customers learn how to use your product or service effectively and efficiently. However, creating and delivering a high-quality CE program can be challenging, especially with so many different platforms, systems, and data sources to choose from. That’s why integrations are essential for Customer Education, as they allow you to connect your LMS with other tools and applications you’re already using to enhance your program and provide more value to your customers.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to optimize and up-level your CE program through monetization, CRM, certification and badging, and lead generation
  • Insights, best practices, and lessons learned from learning professionals who have been where you are and survived to tell about it!
  • How easy it can be to integrate with tools in your tech stack to create a learning ecosystem that serves cross-functional training needs  

Hosted by Tyler Larson, Sr. Solutions Engineer at Skilljar, don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders and discover new ways to drive value for your CE program.