Customers who go through Jamf’s training (or even take one module from their catalog) retain at a higher percentage. So their training team wanted to come up with ways to disseminate content in short, bite-sized pieces that would reach new learners.

Watch this discussion with Randon Ruggles, Director of Customer Education for Jamf, and learn how they extended their training platform content to new audiences with short-form videos. As a result, learners can access self-serving tutorials, how-tos, and troubleshooting tips through short videos available in multiple channels.

Learn from Jamf: 

  • How they leveraged Skilljar APIs and new processes to create multiple learning experiences with the same short-form video content
  • How Jamf’s short-form content and Skilljar integrations lead to increased retention and an overall improved product experience
  • How a small content innovation was able to change the GTM motion at Jamf - from marketing to product to in-app documentation