When Culture Amp decided to prioritize on-demand Customer Education, they had clear goals in mind: they needed to scale their training offerings and were looking for a way to speed up user activation and deepen product adoption.

Right off the bat, it was easy to see that Customer Education could have an even broader impact across the company. In this webinar, Bailey Edgell, Senior Customer Education Program Manager, will share how the program she’s built differentiates Culture Amp from its competition, and how it benefits customer health, account expansion, and sales enablement.


Join us to learn:

  • How cross-functional engagement can increase the impact of Customer Education

  • Unique ways to improve the ROI of your program

  • Why Customer Education is the secret weapon your company has been waiting for

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Bailey Edgell Headshot 1

Bailey Edgell

Senior Customer Education Program Manager


Linda Schwaber-Cohen

Senior Manager, Product Marketing